Tailor-made integration and configuration

What can Jira do for you?
We implement it tailor-made.

Our employees at generativ have valuable experience from practice in the industry and used Jira and Confluence in everyday life and developed solutions for various use cases. We see ourselves as a bridge builders between the business and software world. We offer turnkey solutions consisting of analysis, development of a suitable landscape, implementation and continuing support. You receive a tailor-made software landscape that maps and in many cases simplifies your business processes and way of working. We are happy to analyse your cost of ownership and advise you on the selection of a suitable license (server, data center, cloud).
Here is a selection of possible applications:
  • Integrated Management System (IMS) / Process landscape
  • Stage gate review process / Review database
  • Digital and integrated project and program management
  • Risk management
  • Requirements management
  • Change Management
  • Meeting notes
  • Digital applications and their release
  • Supplier portal
  • Ordering process
  • Resource planning
  • Project documentation
  • Customer or project portal
You have a similar question or a further one and want to know how it can be implemented?


Jira with system, overview and scalability

Do you use Jira and have the impression that performance, configuration or scalability can be improved? That not all employees cannot use the full potential of Jira and that your data does not appear transparent and clearly categorized and identified.
With our objective Jira health check, you get a clear feedback on your instance. In addition to a functional IT check, we focus on analyzing the configuration and methodology of your Jira instance. We check whether your project configuration is uniformly and scalably structured, whether language and format are user-friendly, and whether access concepts cover all use cases globally and also in a project-specific way.

generativ: Jira Health Check

  • Functional and license cost overview
  • Performance ranking
  • Overview of covered use cases available to your organization
  • Check of phrases and translations
  • Overview and duplicate check of customized items
    • Projects & fields
    • Workflows & screens
    • Components & versions
    • Priorities & schemes
    • Boards & filters


Looking for an Atlassian Administrator?
We’ll do that for you.

Do you have Atlassian products in use but no expert in Jira & Confluence? We offer advice and administration of Jira & Confluence as a service. If needed, our experts support you on site or remotely with fast response time – when you need it. This gives you and your employees time to create value in your core business.
Apart from telephone and email, we can be reached through a ticketing system within your Atlassian environment by your employees. Thus, all open and closed inquiries are also visible to you. This creates transparency, facilitates communication and enables targeted support.
We offer the following services of our expert team as part of a service level agreement:

generativ: SLA (Service Level Agreement)

  • Administration
  • Configuration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Contact us for specific assistance

Response time 4h, reachable daily from 8:00 to 18:00.
We provide support via a remote desktop solution and audiovisual communication.

generativ Academy

You want to empower your organization? Develop your employees in our trainings.

You use Jira, Confluence or both platforms and want to familiarize your co-workers with the basics, further develop them to independently depict internal processes in the future?
We offer training courses for beginners to senior administrators – for Jira Software, Confluence and Jira Service Desk. What do your employees benefit from in the course?
Our coaching team has extensive experience in using Jira & Confluence in complex industrial projects. We introduce this experience to the courses in an emotionally perceptible, conceptually applicable and intellectually understandable way. We place a special focus on the applicability during everyday work. Since what are great concepts for, that can be implemented technically and have no operational added value for you? We offer our courses for individuals or small teams in the generative: hub in the heart of Zurich and on request also on site.

generativ: Academy

  • Training Basic & Advanced
  • Administrator Training und Train-the-Trainer
  • Workshops in which we develop your use case live and hands-on
    (on request)

Courses take place in Zurich or on request on site.

If you have a current project for which Atlassian products are eligible, we will gladly provide you with a combination of course and development upon request, in which your employees learn on the job. You will get a first implementation or a prototype and your staff will have practical experience to develop abilities for future solutions.

Atlassian and generativ

Why generativ is building on Atlassian and its Jira platform?

Atlassian Corporation plc is a software developer and software solution provider. Scott Farquhar and Mike Cannon-Brookes, who still run the company as CEOs, founded the company in Sydney, Australia, in 2002. Under the abbreviation “TEAM,” Atlassian is listed on the NASDAQ. Currently, Atlassian has 125,000 customers, 85 of whom belong to the Fortune 100. In 2018, Atlassian generated $874 million in revenue. Atlassian currently employs more than 2,700 people worldwide and has expanded its portfolio with the acquisition of AgileCraft (JiraAlign) in early 2019. This is, from our point of view, an important addition for larger organizations and complex development programs – regardless of your organizational form.
The Atlassian platform with Jira and Confluence provides the foundation and attributes to provide your company or project team with the tools and information to be effective. We consider clear responsibility, suiting and transparent processes and sharing of knowledge as key for a company of the future, as all parties involved are able to understand what is going on. In turn this provides everyone with their responsibility and freedom to act by making decisions based on information, which has been made accessible.

The Atlassian Product Suite

What is Jira?

Jira is a platform to track projects and workflows. Jira allows an object to be guided along a predefined workflow. That’s why we most aptly describe Jira with the term workflow-engine.
Object and workflow, the steps, can be freely defined and designed flexibly. Packages can represent tasks, task packages, documents, milestones, risks, requirements, and more. Depending on demand, the objects are equipped with general and specific attributes. With some imagination, from a change process, to requirements engineering, to a review database with action tracking and much more, Jira reflects it. As a result, Jira meets the needs of modern companies, where multidisciplinary teams and projects interact locally and globally.
Enable effective collaboration is central to all Atlassian products. Jira involves all stakeholders in the process by mentioning and observing objects, nominating employees, and commenting and sharing content, creating transparency and clarity. The latter is ensured by providing detailed reports and dashboards, created to convey the necessary perspective of everybody involved, from each individual to the organizational leadership. The user interface is structured clearly and its use is fun and motivates – even independent of the content.
Currently, Jira is divided into the following products:
  • Jira Software – Issue & Project Tracking Software for Teams
  • Jira Align – Agile Planning and Leadership for Projects, Programms and Enterprises
  • Jira Service Desk – Service Desk und Customer Service
Confluence complements Jira with a strong integrated interface to provide a strong and flexible platform to store and share knowledge, similar to Wikipedia. This shared platform enables simultaneous creation, sharing, annotation, and standardization and digitization of requirements, meeting notes, proposals, and reports. This promotes transparency, clarity and sharing of information.







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